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British families

1. British families The Siddiqui family live in Birmingham. Birmingham is a big city in the middle of the country. Mohammed and his mother Rani are from Bangladesh. Mohammed’s wife Maureen is British and she comes from Liverpool. Mohammed and Maureen have a grocery shop. It sells fruit, vegetables and drinks. They live in the flat above the shop and Rani looks after their two children. Mohammed and Maureen both work in the shop. The shop’s open until 10 pm every day, so they work hard. I’m happy to work hard for my wife and family, says Mohammed.
2. The Jackson family live in Chester. They rent a house. They want to buy their own house, so they save money when they can. Daniel Jackson works in a factory in Manchester — it’s not a bad job but it’s a long way for him to go to work. His wife, Jill, is a secretary in a school The Jacksons have two teenage children. They are both at school, and when Jill finishes work, she drives to their school and then takes them home.

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