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The Story of Blue Jeans — Exercise

Complete this summary of the article, by putting in appropriate words.:

The first jeans were made over 160 years ago by a young tailor called

Levi Strauss. At first, Levi sold the thick canvas to miners; the miners used this to make tents.

Then Levi began making some trousers, because miners needed canvas because that were very

strong. However, the canvas was really too rather heavy and stiff, so Levi looked for a textile which was a bit lighter than canvas. He found a textile which was called “serge de Nimes”; it was just what he wanted

except that miners didn’t like the colour. So Levi coloured the “denim” blue, and

made the world’s first “Blue jeans”. He also made his fortune, because jeans were so

popular; everyone wanted to make them.

Today, jeans are popular all over the world. They are the popular type of clothing in the world.


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