George: I’m going out. Do you want anything?

Sally: Could you buy some stuff from the shop?

George: All right. What do you want?

Sally: Well, we haven’t got much milk.

George: How much milk do you want?

Sally: We need two bottles of milk.

George: How about strawberry jam? Have we got any jam?

Sally: Oh yes, there isn’t any jam left. We need a jar of strawberry jam. And also we’ve finished the butter. We need some butter.

George: OK. I think I‘ve finished the last beer. I’ll buy 5 or 6 bottles of beer.

Sally: OK. There’s a little oil left. Please, buy a bottle of oil.

George: No problem. Do you want to eat fish at dinner?

Sally: Ah, yes. I want you to buy four tins of fish, and also some bread. There isn’t much bread left.

George: How many loaves of bread do you want?

Sally: A loaf of brown bread is enough. Would you like some coffee after dinner?

George: Of course.

Sally: Then, buy us a bag of coffee. At last, we only have few packets of pasta. Could you buy some more pasta? You know we eat pasta almost every day.

George: OK, no problem.

Sally: One more thing. Don’t buy any nuts. We have got a lot.

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