An interview

Mrs Spence: Ahhh … Jack. Please take a seat. I’m Mrs Spence.
Jack: Hello Mrs Spence. Nice to meet you.
Mrs Spence: You too. So, you’ve applied to do a teaching course here.
Jack: Yes, that’s right.
Mrs Spence: I’d like you to tell me, first of all, why you want to be a teacher.
Jack: OK. Well, I’ve always loved explaining things and helping people. I’m not looking for an easy job – I like a challenge! I also want to work with young people.
Mrs Spence: And why have you decided to become a PE teacher?
Jack: OK, I love all sports and I really believe it’s important for young people to do sport at school.
Mrs Spence: Yes, I agree. Why is it so important, do you think?
Jack: OK. Well, first of all, we all know it’s important for our health to keep physically fit. Secondly, physical exercise is good for our mental well-being and self-esteem.Mrs Spence: Hmmm …
Jack: Finally, playing sport teaches young people important life lessons, like the importance of teamwork, discipline and fairness, for instance.
Mrs Spence: OK, thank you. And, where does your passion for sport come from?
Jack: Hmm, let me think. It’s difficult to choose one thing in particular … I grew up around sport. My mum was a really good athlete, actually.
Mrs Spence: Oh, yes?
Jack: We used to go and see her running marathons, which made a big impression on me as a child. I suppose it’s in my blood.
Mrs Spence: Right, fantastic. And how do you think teachers can encourage their students to enjoy sport?
Jack: Hmm, that’s an interesting question. On one hand, I think many students enjoy the competitive element. They want to be the best, it’s motivating for them. On the other hand, we need to encourage the ones who are not as confident. So we need to reward them for participating and trying their best. It’s not all about winning!
Mrs Spence: OK, thank you very much, Jack. You make some good points.
Jack: It’s my pleasure. Thank you.
Mrs Spence: Now I’m going to show you around the college …

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