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1. ‘My Lord, is any of your silver missing?’ the Sergeant said to the Bishop.

The Sergeant asked  the Bishop  if any of his silver was missing

3. ‘My son, when will you come back?’ said the mother.

The mother asked her son, when he would come back

4. ‘Can I get supper and lodging here for a night?’ said Jean Val Jean.

Jean Val Jean asked if he could get supper and lodging there for a night

5. ‘I am a humble servant ready to obey the orders,’ said Madame Magloire to the Bishop.

Madame Magloire told the Bishop that she was humble servant ready to obey the orders

6. Rob’s father said to Mary, ‘I hate to call Rob in the mornings.’

Rob’s father told Mary that he  hated to call Rob in th mornings

7. The teacher said to the boys, ‘If you do your best, you will surely pass.’

The teacher told the boys if they did their best they would surely pass

8. ‘Joseph, have you finished writing?’ asked the teacher.

The teacher asked Joseph if he had finished writing

9. ‘I have something to show you,’ Maya told her friend.

Maya told her friend, that she had something yo show them

10. ‘Can you help me please?’ the tourist asked the policeman.

The tourist asked the policeman, if he  could help him.

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