Australia almost the champions

The Australian Men’s Wheelchair Basketball team were only two points away from winning a gold medal last night. In the Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball final, Canada (the world and Paralympic Champions) beat Australia 49:47. At the end of the third period, Australia were winning by eight points. But Canada came back — they played brilliantly and took the lead in the last 30 seconds.

The Australian captain had a chance at the very end to make the match a draw — but the ball hit the basket and didn’t go in. The referee blew the final whistle and Canada were the champions. One of the Australian players said: ‘We’re very proud. We didn’t play badly — in fact, we played very well. But congratulations to Canada — they played hard and fast and, in the end, they played better than us. The Australian team now have a few weeks before their next match, but they aren’t resting: they are already preparing for the next Paralympic Games. ‘We hope that we can go further than last time and win the gold medal, the coach said. «We’re practising even more regularly and we’re training harder than ever. I think we’ll do very well at the next Paralympics.’

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