“The meaning of my name”

My name is Anita and I love it. Anita’s name means: Grace, good (name of Anita of Spanish origin). In addition, in the translation from the ancient German language, Anita means «honey». There are also «Mercy», «grace». Anita often confuses Anne and Anetha, but they’re only family names, not connected.


Տեղադրել am,is, are

  1. My mother is a teacher.
  2. My brother and I are good tennis players.
  3. Ann is at home. Her children are at school.
  4. My keys are in the bag.
  5. I am interested in football.
  6. I am afraid of dogs.
  7. Your hands is cold.
  8. They are in the garden.
  9. Mary is in her car. She is on her way home.
  10. We are at a lesson.
  11. It is an English newspaper.
  12. The walls in our classroom are yellow.
  13. The door and the window are white.
  14. This man is an engineer.
  15. Her mother is Italian, and her father is Australian.

3.Նախադասությունները դարձնել հարցական և ժխտական․

1. Her name is Jane.

Is her name Jane?
Her name isn’t Jane.
2. It is a black cup.

Is it a black cup?

It isn’t a black cup.

3. This is Yerevan’s map.

Is this Yerevan’s map?
This isn’t Yet map.

4. That film is good.

Is that film good?

That film isn’t good.

5. They are students of “Photography” department.

Are they students of «Photography» department?

They aren’t students of «Photography» department.

6. Those men are doctors.

Are those men doctors?

Those men aren’t doctors.

7. Tom and Ben are best friends.

Are Tom and Ben best friends?

Tom and Ben aren’t best friends.

8.This is my exercise book.

Is this my exercise book?

this isn’t my exercise book.

9. Moscow is a big city.

Is Moscow a big city?

Moscow isn’t a big city.

10. I am a quiet person.

Am i a quiet person?

I’m not a quiet person.

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