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Our college

The College of Yerevan “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex

Students get vocational and career college education at our College.

We have the following departments of career college education here:

  • Pre-school education
  • Office work with specialized teaching of foreign languages
  • Organization of tourism services with specialized teaching of foreign languages
  • Librarianship
  • Decorative and applied arts and crafts
  • Computer network maintenance
  • Photograghy
  • Fashion modeling and clothing design

Two new departments will be open in September 2019

  • Fermentation technology and winemaking
  • Computer arts design

We have the following departments of vocational education:

  • Gardening
  • Sewing technology
  • Horticulture
  • Culinary

Two new departments will be open in September 2019

  • Winemaking and production of juices
  • Pottery

At our college, we are trying to create a proper environment for vocational education: modern studio-workshop-laboratories.

We are realizing production based teaching. We are sure that the best teaching is through teaching with real work. Our educational programs are organized through the educational calendar of the Educomplex, with personal digital means and educational projects.

The education here is also considered individual as we have the opportunity to choose courses of supplementary education. Open clubs of preference development function here. We organize open creative gatherings, reviews, exhibitions, presentations and concerts.

The College students can also participate in the expositional, military-sports camps organized for the schools of the Educomplex.

Sewing workshop

The College students of the departments “Sewing technology” and “Fashion modeling and clothing design” have their trainings in one workshop. We have already said that our education is production based. During the specialization the training is carried out by projects. The students acquire professional skills while working. They are manufacturing a make-to-order process for other branch educational institutions of the Educomplex.

For example, the students sew pillows, blankets, sheets, holiday ritual clothes and other items for the kindergartens of the Educomplex.

Laboratory of technology and decorative applied arts and crafts

There is a main workshop of the profession “Decorative applied arts and crafts”. But the students, having chosen the supplementary courses of handicrafts and crafts, also have their trainings here. Here the students are engaged in pottery, sculpture, drawing, as well as decorations, plates, glasses and other applied art samples.

The workshop cooperates with the Grapes and Wine School. In the result of the project work, there have been designed wine bottles, labels. Both the college students and the pre-school children take part in these projects. During the ritual projects, the students decorate the College, creating the typical environment for each ritual.

Greenhouse laboratory

There is greenhouse laboratory in our college. Thanks to project based teaching we can effectively combine theoretical knowledge with practical training in the greenhouse laboratory.

The greenhouse laboratory serves the students of different age groups: from pre-school children up to school children and teachers.

The middle school learners carry out their biological projects in the greenhouse. The College students of ″Horticulture″ department work here.

Grapes and Wine School

In 2018 Grapes and Wine School established the following departments: ″Fermentation Technology and Winemaking″, ″Winemaking and Production of juices″ and ″Cultivation of Grapes and Horticulture″.


We have already planted grape vines on the College hill and on the Educational Farm. The Educomplex has appealed to the Government of the RA to provide us with a plot in the uncultivated area near the Educational Farm. Here we will have a large grape vineyard, for which we have already purchased nursery vines and rooted them all year round.

Wine Laboratory

We have wine laboratory which is equipped with wine making equipments.

Last year our students with groups of schoolchildren took part in grape harvesting and wine making process (grape harvesting, grape crushing, releasing the juice and fermentation…)

Wine Cellar

The wine cellar will be in the basement of our building. Wine aging will be done in the barrels and clay vessels. The bottled wine will also be kept here. There will be corners for tasting wine here.

Barrel making workshop

There has been created a barrel making workshop where barrels will be made and repaired.

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