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Թարգմանության աղբյուր հանդիսացող նյութը կարող եք տեսնել տվյալ հղումով


Among scholars in Germany and the United States there is no consensus on how much light a vine should receive for optimal development and fruiting. German experts are sure that it is 1600 light hours annually, and their colleagues from America call another figure, 2500 hours. But these indicators are borderline. As for the thermal regime, the minimum average daily figure should be no lower than plus ten.

The sun’s rays act more fruitfully on the development of the vine when the vineyard is located on a steep slope. In regions where the temperature is moderate, unexpected hot weather can do significant harm. And where the climate is mild and warm, excessive precipitation is undesirable.
The optimal rainfall for viticulture is 600 mm. But this is not a prerequisite. As practice shows, and at 300 mm per year, grapes grow and bear fruit well. Only under these conditions, half of the annual norm of water should be obtained in the spring months, since it is at this time that active growth occurs, and the other half is needed during the summer.

The main vineyards of importance to world industry are located in the temperate zone. The most famous of them are the Rhine, Moselle, South England. In some places, they are located up to fifty-one degrees north latitude. At thirty-sixth degree of the same latitude, grapes grow in North Africa and Southern Europe.

The wines made from this grape contain a high percentage of alcohol. For example, this is Marsala and sherry. Produced and red wine of various varieties, which is used in blends. And Australia and South Africa are engaged in the production of fortified wines, which are similar in quality to port wine.

In the last two decades, viticulture has been developing in a more moderate climatic zone, for example, the Pacific region. This is done in order to increase the production of white wine. When the weather is not warm enough, the processes of sugar formation in grape berries are slowed down, therefore, a product of low acidity can be obtained. The correct ratio of sour and sweet taste in winemaking is of great importance, it is from this position that white and red wine are evaluated.

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