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Hi Olivia
You can’t imagine what happened last night. Dad took us out to a famous restaurant, but there weren’t many people there last night. ‘An unforgettable experience,’ their website says. Well, it certainly was unforgettable! We ordered the ‘exotic surprise’ and thought it was going to be wonderful, but it was the most awful meal I’ve ever had! The first course was chicken and chips! The chicken was bad, but the chips were worse. Yuck! Then they gave us ‘picnic-style special ham with strawberries’. When the waiter brought it, we saw little ham sandwiches hiding under some salad. And you can’t believe what happened next. The waiter tried to put the plates on the table, but he dropped one. And then the worst thing happened! He picked the sandwich up from the floor, put it back on the plate and gave it to Mum. Mum asked him to throw the sandwich away. ‘Aren’t you hungry?’ the waiter asked. My dad got really angry and told him off. But he only laughed! I tried the dessert. Ice cream. No comment! (But I didn’t eat much.)

Next time we’ll take you to the same restaurant! Just kidding;-))



PS: The picnic-style special ham with strawberries didn’t have any strawberries!!!

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